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Best Practices for Protecting Yourself this Flu Season

It might be old news for the rest of the country, but it's finally gotten cold enough here in SoCal to officially welcome in the flu season. Last year, most of us escaped the flu due to heavy quarantining, but this year I've noticed the bugs are back in business.

That being said, Ayurveda provides us with plenty of easy-to-implementing dinacharya or daily self-care practices that can help keep our bodies ready to fight whatever bad bugs come our way. Not everyone who gets exposed to germs gets sick - our immunity and health have a whole lot to do with who wins the fight.

Here is a simple protocol to keep yourself protected this winter:

Eat well, Poop well

The foundation of a healthy body in Ayurveda is digestion, but there is also emerging scientific research that supports this notion. It is fairly well-known now that our immunity is closely linked to the health of our gut microbiome. To keep our digestion strong this winter, opt for warm, freshly cooked meals. During the winter months, the atmosphere tends to dry us out, so soupy foods and stews with lots of veggies are best. Of course, our microbiome is not limited to our upper GI, but also in the colon as well. Having a regular bowel movement each day is a sign of good health. If that's not happening, you may need to re-evaluate your diet.