“As we embrace our passions and delve into the mystery of life, we unite with the majestic complexity of nature;  and if we follow the signs, this can help us understand who we really are.”

- Sebastian Pole

To heal the world, you must first heal yourself

Valerie Hwang is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor based in Long Beach, California and services clients virtually all over the USA. As the founder of Intrepid Ayurveda, her intention as a practitioner is to provide her clients with the tools and guidance necessary for bringing the body and mind back into a state of harmony. Upon graduating from the California College of Ayurveda in 2020, she set out on her own to create a holistic health practice in based in sunny Long Beach, California with a mission to make Ayurvedic healthcare and education approachable and accessible to all.

Valerie grew up in suburban Long Island in a town with very little connection to the spiritual traditions of her ancestors. However, her curious mind always led her to wonder about the complexities of the human condition - Why do people attach themselves to certain identities? Why do people treat each other so badly? What can  I do to make the world a more peaceful place? The pursuit to understand the world and its people led her down many different paths, as a school teacher in Japan, as a professional hip hop dance artist, an international exchange and travel guide, and other positions where she hoped to heal others through connection and exploration.

As time moved on, she came to realize how much of other's suffering she was trying to bear on her own two shoulders. She also realized that no matter how flashy the fame, how delicious the meal, how exotic the destination - no glory or indulgence was ever going to heal that suffering. One day, while she was soaking in a luxurious hot spring in the beautiful mountains of Japan, looking out at the view, she found herself sobbing, empty and miserable. She returned to the States knowing that it was time to make a change. Inspired by her close friends, she started practicing meditation and Ashtanga yoga to search for answers from within. As Paulo Coelho wrote in The Alchemist, "And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." One serendipitous day, she was introduced to Ayurveda - the knowledge and wisdom of life, providing all who follow its path with the access to peace, health, and inner harmony. She is forever grateful to be on this path and is honored to have the opportunity to bring this knowledge to others. 

Valerie's Story on Love+Live+Life Podcast

To hear more about Valerie's personal journey of self-healing, tune into this featured episode of Love+Live+Life hosted by Yuko Kudo. Love+Live+Life is a podcast that features the stories of artists and healers with a mission to promote social good. 



  • Classical Yoga Nidra Instructor - California College of Ayurveda

  • Ayurvedic Health Counselor - California College of Ayurveda

  • Ayurvedic Nutrition & Culinary Training Foundations - Bhagavat Life

  • California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine Professional Member since 2021

  • Ayurvedic Health Counselor 1 - California College of Ayurveda

  • Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist 1 - California College of Ayurveda

  • M.A. in International Education - New York University

  • B.S. in Human Development & Psychological Services - Northwestern University



"Valerie has been a positive force since the first day we started talking, so I was more than happy to experience her yoga sessions. The first one in particular being the Yoga Nidra session, which lasted about 45 minutes. I can't believe how quickly time passed, as I completely lost track while I was being guided deeper into the meditative state by her soothing voice. All the stress and fatigue I'd been feeling from changes in my life were lifted completely as I reached an utterly peaceful state; I no longer felt like anything was wrong! So I honestly couldn't have had a better experience. You can tell she is a fun, free spirit from her aura, and is definitely someone you'd enjoy sharing moments with both on and off the mat." - Vikash J.

"I will continue to apply the ayurvedic diet and practice to my lifestyle. I was able to reduce inflammation, hives, and the general feeling of not feeling good. My bowel movements improved immensely in the past month. I have also been practicing yoga everyday for the past 2 weeks and have lost about 8 lbs since mid-October. I feel much stronger and the place to start was understanding my DOSHA and mindfully applying the right food to my diet. Thank you for helping me become more aware of what I was putting into my body." - Judy K.

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