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Ayurveda: Complete Personalized Care

With Ayurvedic care, we consider your unique life and goals, providing on-going personalized guidance so that you are well-supported throughout your treatment process. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I offer the following support:

  • Integrating Ayurvedic self-care practices for everyday balance & wellness

  • Identifying your states of imbalance from an Ayurvedic perspective

  • Following an appropriate diet & lifestyle according to your imbalances

  • Applying 5-sense therapies and practices to balance body, mind and spirit

  • Restoring your mind and body to an optimal state where healing can take place

  • Customized herbal formulas and protocols

Schedule a free 30-minute evaluation with Valerie to discuss your health goals and see if Ayurvedic Healthcare is appropriate for you, or contact us to book a service. More detailed information about the consultation process can be found below.

About Valerie Hwang