Ayurveda: Complete Personalized Care

Ayurvedic Health Counseling considers your unique life and goals, and is designed to provide on-going personalized guidance so that you are well-supported throughout your treatment process. As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, I can work with you on:

  • Integrating Ayurvedic self-care practices for everyday balance & wellness

  • Identifying your states of imbalance from an Ayurvedic perspective

  • Following an appropriate diet according to your imbalances

  • Applying 5-sense therapies and practices to balance body, mind and spirit

  • Restoring and optimizing digestive function, a key component of Ayurvedic wellness

  • Adjusting your lifestyle so that you are less susceptible to stress and disease

Schedule a free 30-minute evaluation with Valerie Hwang to discuss your health goals and see if Ayurvedic Health Counseling is appropriate for you. More detailed information about the counseling process can be found below.