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The Doshas and Digestion: Variable Vata

Updated: Jan 7

Gas, dryness, and constipation, oh my! In my previous posts on the Doshas and Digestion, I discussed ways to alleviate burning (pitta-type) digestion and sluggish (kapha-type) digestion. Which leaves one more Dosha: Vata!

If you live in a place like Los Angeles, where the climate is arid, where people rely on cars to zip from place to place, and where life is generally pretty busy, the likelihood is at some point in your life you have experienced some level of excess vata in the digestion. Vata is composed of the elements of air and space, and has the qualities of being light, dry, and cold. It is the dosha in the body that governs all motion, including circulation, motor skills, and nerve impulses. In the mind, vata can express as enthusiasm and creativity.

When there is an excess of vata in the digestive system, its dry, light, and mobile nature can wreak havoc in the form of what is referred to in Ayurveda as variable digestion. A lack of moisture in the body causes dry stools and subsequent constipation. You may not pass stool every day and when you do, it comes out hard and in smaller pebbles. Sometimes you may be ravenous, while at other times you might not have much appetite. Excess gas is also a sign of too much vata in the digestive tract.

Does it sound like you have variable or vata-type digestion? Then, read on! Here are some ways to soothe vata in the digestive system.

5 Tips for soothing Variable (vata) Digestion